Why offer a play mat?

This educational game encourages the awakening and motor skills of the child while he is still a baby. He encourages her to move around the game air to follow the circuit or bring characters to life in a city, farm, zoo or princess castle setting.

In this way, the toddler discovers his motor skills, and progresses progressively, starting by crawling, then on all fours, and finally by standing upright. The details and patterns on the carpet stimulate observation and understanding of the environment, analysing the different elements in front of his eyes.

Older, around the age of 3, the child will link the scenery with the world around him, recognizing buildings, roads, the police station, fire trucks etc..

More than car games, these carpets are real educational games. The carpet, with its city, farm and nature settings, is educational by bringing the child to learn while having fun.

It's an evolving universe, where the little ones will create infinite adventures for themselves or lead the older ones to discover the traffic rules with the road signs.

Timeless, there are many play mats to suit all ages, all rooms and with different designs to suit all tastes.

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